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Stainless Steel Stretcher Adjustable Stretcher Trolley E-5

Product Kind:  Medical Trolley
Product Number:  FA082
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standard features: •The whole uses the high-quality stainless steel welding to become, which is reliable and smooth. •Steel system hand operated, the guide screw has the limit protective device, may between willfully adjust highly in 680-900mm. •The whole is composed by the stretcher and the chassis two parts, the stretcher may leave the chassis, the stretcher has the self-locking type guard rail, the surface uses the high-quality leather surface intension high density sponge, the back may need to adjust according to the patient, enables the patient to achieve the most comfortable body posture. •Matches 4 high-level static sounds to circle the trundle moisture-proof, impels nimbly, applies the brake reliably. •Matches the stainless steel IV pole, convenient and applied. •The product has been assessed and conforms to the following standards: GB/T 19001-2000 idt ISO 9001:2000. dimension: size: 1950×650×680/900mm packing specification:2000×725×575mm N.W:101.50kg G.W:112.50kg sets in one 20'container: sets in one 40'container: