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The New A1 Multi-function Nursing Bed

Product Kind:  Hospital Bed
Product Number:  FA NEW A1
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SIZE:2020×720/880×550mm 1. The width of the bed deck is adjustable, the maximum width is 2020×880 mm, the minimum width is 2020×720 mm 2. The castors of the bed is a universal one with locking system , so the bed can moved easily in every corner bed room, when the bed deck is adjust to the minimum width it can be moved outside . 3. The side rails can be fixed upright or sag position no matter the bed is in wide or narrow position 4. The backrest adopts the self locking gas spring which makes the angle of the backrest from 0 to 70. And the angle of the buttocks section rest can be adjust be from 0 to 30 which is controlled by a manual crank, the foot section adopt brake cable system 5. There are manual automatic urinal, safety belt, dining table, and IV pole on the bed. 6. We can wash hairs for the patient when the upper part of the backrest is adjusted to the comfortable section.