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Medical Tape

Product Kind:  Surgical Tapes
Product Number:  FA1001-FA1060
Product Measurement: 3000PCS
Product Size: 
Product Weight: 
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Medical PE Tape( FA1001-FA1020 ) Description: The film is soft, the permeable ability is strong and exists the micro-holes. Low sensitive, the adhesive ability is good. The hair will not be pull off when you pear it. No remains on the skin The way of longitude and latitude is needn't tools, tears the tapes easily. Medical Non-Woven Adhesive Tape (FA1021-FA1040) Description: Strong permeable, the skin can breathe naturally and decrease the possibility of infection. Low sensitive. The hair will not be pull off when you pear it. The adhesive ability is stable. The fabric is very soft and foldable. It is suitable to outline of human body, so as to give a comfortable feeling Medical Silk Adhesive Tape (FA1041-FA1060) Description: The base-material is of good permeable, moisture and sweat can be drained out easily. The cloth is soft and comfortable. The glue is of low sensitive, the viscosity is moderate, and the initial sticking force of this adhesive tape is enough, no remains on the skin. The edge of the adhesive tape is specially treated. There is no need of using tools. Tear it easily.