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A1 Nuring Bed For Family Use

Product Kind:  Hospital Bed
Product Number:  FA012
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size:2020×720/880×550mm •the width of the bed surface can be adjusted,the maximum is 2020×880mm,and the minimum is 2020×720mm. •in any situation,the bed rails can stand and lied down vertically . •the back panel can be adjusted to a suitable position for the nursing person wahing hair for patient . •the bed is equiped with wheels,so it is convenient to move the patient and can be braked stablly. •there is a automatically locked gas spring equiped with the back panel,and the lifted angel can be adjusted between 0°to 70°.the foot panel can be adjusted between 0°to 30°,which is controled by the locker wire. •the stool and chamber pot can be scretched out by operating the rocker under the bedsurface. •the security belt,cross-bed table and the I.V.pole are added as the accessories .