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Bi-rocker Bed With Chamber Pot

Product Kind:  Hospital Bed
Product Number:  FA175
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size:2030×960×530mm ·The headboards are made of cold steel pipe,electrostatic powder coated and baked. ·The rockers are made of steel alloy,which can be folded. ·The crank system has extreme position protecting designing. ·The bedsurface is welded by bar iron,equiped with bed rails on the two sides of the bedframe as a whole,which can be lied down vertically. ·The whole bedbody is treated by adid and electrostatic powder coated and baked . ·One cross-bed table made of high density plywood is added as a accessory. ·The bottom of the bedlegs are covered with protecting rubber. ·The stool and chamber pot can be scretched out by operating the crank under the bedsurface. ·The back panel can be lifted up from 0 °to 70°(±5°), the foot panel can be lifted up from 0 °to 30°(±5°) ·The bed are matched with mattress,which has the same function with the bed,made of anti-sliding and anti-water cloth. • The product has been assessed and conforms to the following standards: GB/T 19001-2000 idt ISO 9001:2000.